The Short List : Blog Posts that made my must read list last week / by Chel Wolverton

I'm dropping some great links here that I've come across this past week.  List is by no means complete but every post on this list is worth your time to check out.  Wait, no, don't just check out the post...subscribe to these blogs if you aren't already.  You'll always be learning something. Thanks to the great bloggers in this list.

Ron Ploof - C Level Social Media Ignorance

Greg Cangialosi - The Marketers "New Normal"

Justin Kownacki - Why I Need You to be a Better Audience

Mack Collier - The ROI of Giving a Damn

Christopher S. Penn - Three Nearly Guaranteed Moneymaking Twitter Words

DJ Waldow - Silent Bob & Southwest Airlines: 7 Lessons Learned