Want more sales? Make it easy. / by Chel Wolverton

When doing business online, one of your first priorities is to make it dead easy to buy.  It is the responsibility of a business to provide a flawless experience online for customers when they get into the sales process.  The goal of every business should be to convert the sale, yes? As an assistant, I spend a lot of my time managing speaking information, travel schedules and flight/hotel bookings for clients.  For example, booking a hotel should be dead easy.  It takes at most 3-5 minutes (unless they need a convoluted amount of information).

If a site fails me at that moment I click that button to pay, it marks my day.  I now have to call you to book a room and this irritates me because you are wasting my time.  Please don't.

If you are doing business online, check your processes.  Go through each scenario as if you are a customer and make sure you are providing the best experience possible.  Test the products, forms, buttons, and confirmations.  Then, test it again and then have others test it to get different perspectives.

Make it easy for your customers to get what they want from you. At the end of the day if you make their lives easier you're more likely to get a repeat customer and recommendations to try your products and services.