Lessons from an Oil Spill : Green is the new Black / by Chel Wolverton

59 days and counting. The video below is a TED talk by Rob Hopkins on "Transition to a world without Oil", who reminds us that the time period in which we've developed and build our lives around oil dependency is very short and will very shortly come to an end.  He touches on how oil production has dwindled as well as the energy we get from oil now vs. the 1930s.

"The world isn't Second Life. We can't create new land and new energy systems at the click of a mouse."

Rob founded the Transition movement, helping communities take the steps to creatively come up with new ideas on sustainability now, before our world changes and we must change with it.  Interestingly, one town has created their own currency as a result that is only worth something within the town but inspires local spending and growth.  (As he talks about stories it reminds me muchly of Ron Ploof.)

Will we be able to give up the status and ease of life that we so effectively build on this energy source to embrace a new way of living before we meet a future without oil?  That's the question that we ultimately need to answer.  This problem isn't going away.

Think about the ways you can change your world, your community.  It's a topic on my mind this evening as we ready for Podcamp Boston 5 and this year's theme Preparing for the Future.

What can you do to creatively change the way you live a little at a time to meet the future transition and prevent disasters like the oil spill from ever occurring again?