Black Lab and Faces of Community / by Chel Wolverton

Some of you know I'm a huge fan of black lab and often my tweet contain their lyrics.  I have a million favorite songs so pointing you at one album would be difficult at best. Buy all of them instead and then watch all the videos. ;) Their music along with Matthew Ebel's make up the vast majority of my music collection.

A few months ago, they decided to make a video of their community with photos of the people within it.  They put out a quick call for photos from the community to feature in a video of pictures of people (lyrics are at the bottom of the post).  Of course, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and sent one over. I never expected to make it in so thanks guys.

Their community is within and watching the video gives a small glimpse of all the people loving their music. It's very touching.  A simple act and it brought people closer to the music they love.

Pictures Of People from Black Lab on Vimeo.

pictures of people well nothing gets done. and everyone’s tired. yeah but everything’s fine. everything comes in it’s own good time. pictures of people in magazines. I think they’re trying to tell me something. pictures of people I’ve never met living inside my tv set. and my heart gets so full driving around this town. feel like dr. zhivago lost in chicago. these pictures of people never alone or confused just looking for something left at the side of the road. these pictures of people I never talk to. I wanna say ‘I’m pleased to meet you.’ these pictures of people I could believe in if there was a way I could touch and feel them. and I’ll never see the same again. no I’ll never see the same again. and everything gets quiet. I need help to remember. and I feel no regret for the kindness of strangers come down through the airwaves. never alone or afraid just searching for something left at the side of the road. pictures of people. people around me never run out of things to tell me. these pictures of people here in my mind. I carry them with me all of the time. and I’ll never see the same again. what’s left of you my friend. how can I miss you? I’ve never met you. pictures of people.