How to Email Files to Dropbox / by Chel Wolverton

Editor's note: Habilis closed it's doors.  However you can use for now! Huge Dropbox fan here, it makes sharing big files super easy which is great, especially for workshifting.  I wanted to share a tip with everyone on how to email files as attachments that you want to share with others via Dropbox.

First, if you don't have Dropbox, get an account now. (Referral link!)  If you haven't heard of Dropbox, it allows you to sync your files online and across computers.  It also allows you to share the folders that you create with others, see their changes and offers mobile support for phones and the iPad.  Check it out, you'll love the ease of file transfers and collaboration opportunities.

Then go over to  You'll need to authorize Habilis to connect with your Dropbox account via API, but it only takes a second.


Refresh the page and you'll see a handy email for adding to your address book.  I added mine to my Google contacts as Dropbox Files.


That's it! Now you can enjoy sending files to your Dropbox via email if you can't access the public folder on any device for some reason or another.

Do you know of any other cool Dropbox hacks?  I use it daily and I know others who do as well so share, please!