2011 Challenge: Learning to Love Sales / by Chel Wolverton

scream and shout by Mindaugas Danys

I hate sales. Let me rephrase that.

I hate the idea of cold calling prospects, pinging Twitter accounts, filling people's inboxes in hopes to get their attention long enough to take money from them.  I find it highly distasteful.  I hate the subtle sales pages that make promises for only $47 dollars you get a short education on how to make thousands of dollars.  (I've been told those pages work to sell products. I have no direct experience but I still dislike them.)

I prefer to sit down with potential clients and listen to what's going on in their businesses and/or lives. I want to hear what they struggle with that keeps them from focusing on work that moves the needle in their professional lives or gives them time to spend with their families. I want to show exactly how I can help make it better.

The idea of my picking up and reading a book about sales before yesterday was laughable.  You know that kid that digs his feet into the ground as hard as he can in protest leaving the playground because he has to go home to do chores?  Yeah, that's how I feel about reading about sales (fine example below).

scream and shout by Mindaugas Danys

That's how I felt before I started reading "Mastering the Complex Sale".  But when someone I trust says "here, do this, now".  I do it, because I trust that it'll help me advance and grow.  This book has blown me away in the first few chapters so much that I'm saying to you, especially if you think you suck at selling, "Hey you, go buy this book.  Now. Yes, you. GO."

It will help you understand the past, present and future of sales and how you can do better.  Selling is becoming more about educating and guiding decisions than listening and providing a list of solutions.  It's time to evolve.

You probably think you hate sales too. I really understand where you're at.

But I gotta ask you one question:

Are you up to the challenge of learning about something  you hate so you can do more of something you love?