3 Words for 2011 / by Chel Wolverton

In Search of Lost Time by @bogenfreund on flickr

Chris Brogan is right. In Search Of Lost Time When I started thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish in this shiny new year, I realized it does boil down to 3 words to me.  Not goals.  For that, I have a mind map of goals that I need to accomplish this year which are measurable.

I'll add this.  There will be changes and it's okay to reevaluate if something shifts significantly.  Change is inevitable.

Actualization. Transition. Fearlessness.

Actualization - Will.  The will and courage to follow the map laid out for myself, to reach the goals that I need and want to reach for the year.  To realize that each of these goals will make my life better in one instance or another.  In that sense they are the most important challenges that I need to meet with a fearlessness that makes my inner strength shine.

Transition - There are many pieces that need to be reevaluated in the way things currently are in my life professionally and personally to achieve better flow.  Things that need to be accomplished and cleared so that I can learn and teach better processes.  I know that this is a bit vague but there are many moving pieces to it that are solid goals.

One big goal for this year is redefining how I describe my business.  Most of you know that I am a personal assistant and love doing web development, but my true loves lie in research of competitive intelligence and helping people achieve their goals by being a power amplifier. Finding a way to demonstrate that to the world around me so I can gain more work in these areas of my business.

Fearlessness - Stop over-thinking and start doing things that sound fun, interesting, and/or challenging.  I'm on this path with things like boxing and martial arts and kenjutsu.  These things took courage for me to step into the first time, the second time, and the third too. Being open to the world challenging me and being okay with failure when it happens and learning from it, then trying again.

Another example: putting my thoughts into words on the interwebs and actually pushing the publish button rather than questioning what I've written.

There are many more things on the list. It boils down to this: Considering the many challenges that appeal to me and take me down a notch at the thought.  Then doing them anyway.

What about you?

If you haven't yet thought of goals or accomplishments that are important to you this year, take some time in the week ahead to discover where you are heading and how you want to get there in 2011.

Sohmer said it best: "Time isn't an enemy, Time is a companion." Make the most of it.

Welcome to 2011.