Daily Small Steps Help You Reach Large Goals / by Chel Wolverton

The inspiration of the new year has faded into the warm, (well, today overheated) fresh (filled with pollen) breath of spring.  Spring always makes me feel as if anything is possible yet it's also the time where I realize the year is passing in a rush of busy with a side dish of procrastination.  Where if I don't pay attention the year will pass by before I am able to achieve everything I've set out to. Of course my assumption is that I am not alone in this, which is why I'm writing this at all.

You have a someday list of things you want to accomplish.  It may not be written down but perhaps tucked into your subconscious that you pull out to think about when things are slow.

Let's be honest, there's never going to be a "perfect time" to take those first steps.

So pull out that list of things that you want to accomplish.  Right now.  Everything else can wait.

Look at that list and determine which of those things you REALLY WANT.  Then make a list of the changes that need to happen on a daily basis to push you toward your goal.  You need that big list but you also need that smaller list that will focus you on the smaller daily/weekly/monthly changes.  (As I write this myself I'm thinking of a daily change of running in the mornings or evenings, that will lead to my larger goal, being healthier.)

That list of smaller changes will affect the daily pieces of your life.  Over time your daily life will change to reflect your goal.  And it must.  Daily change will give away to a new routine which in turn will become the norm.  Imagine now what your life in 6 months will look like when you're on the path to achieving your goals.  I suspect the day you envision will look differently than the way it does now.

Who you are now has to make way for who you want to become. That means that you can't do things the same way every day.  You cannot, otherwise nothing will change. Next week, next month, next year you will still be the same person doing the same things.

It's going to be a struggle to make the changes.  We do not like change therefore we will both fight it.  We're going to question ourselves, want to give up, procrastinate, make mistakes or SIMPLY NOT WANT TO DO THE WORK.  Each and everyone of those choices is okay, but we will not reach our goal.

Maybe you started off on the right foot in January, but day to day life made an intrusion.  Maybe you never got started because let's face it, starting is hard, and keeping going is even harder. We have a choice, daily. It's like a marathon - it's deliberately cranking out every slow step that gets you over the finish line.  At the end of the next day, week, month, year; I don't want to be in the same place now.  Do you?