Running Minimalist with Skora BASE / by Chel Wolverton

Hate running?  Skip this post. For those of you who are into this sort of thing, here's my story. Hopefully if you're just getting started running or thinking about it these will give you something to consider.

After struggling with a pair of typical running shoes that cut off my circulation no matter how I laced them, I found and fell in love with my Merrell Pace Gloves. They are pretty rough when I want to *walk* long distances in them, while running errands or such.  However, running got easier, I was happier and so were my feet.

Still I like to keep my options open and when Skora Running sent (disclosure: they did not instruct me on what to write, my thoughts are my own) me a pair of their new women's Base shoe I was so excited to give a different shoe a shot at being my go-to.

Running in the BASE is comfortable, they are light, and have a better connection with the ground than the Pace Glove.  As a bonus, they're not as strenuous on my calf muscles while walking so I can wear them while running errands and be comfortable at the same time. I even walked 8 miles in these while visiting Montréal!

I'd highly recommend starting with Skora for minimalist training as they are much more comfortable in the beginning.  They seem tailored for just that, but go slow no matter which shoe you choose. They have their risks, if you have concerns, I'd also speak with your doctor before training with minimalist shoes. Remember, each person's experience will vary.

If you like this post or would love to hear some more about running gear/apps I've found useful, please let me know in the comments!

Check out how Skora's approach to shoes are different:

Disclaimer: Skora sent me a pair of BASE running shoes for review, free of charge. The thoughts in this post are my own and not in any way influenced by Skora or agencies connected with the review opportunity.