Happy New Year! Amazing Things Will Happen - Hardcover Giveaway / by Chel Wolverton

Amazing Things Will Happen
Amazing Things Will Happen

My friend C.C. Chapman wrote this fantastic little book called Amazing Things Will Happen.  It's small, it's short and it's packed with things that will help you reach your goals in 2013 and beyond that.  This is a timeless book that you will revisit. I have two copies and I much prefer my Kindle version.  I usually wouldn't bother giving away the hardcover version but C.C.'s words have helped me immensely in planning for the new year. I think that it will help you as well.

His advice let me see a path to going in the direction that I wanted, that it was okay to ask for help and that sometimes you have to take a leap without waiting for everything to be perfect. There isn't some magical moment that will make everything sparkle and the oceans part with Jimmy Fallon singing in the background to give you the sign to move forward.  It's about stop making excuses and making choices.

Want a copy?

So here's the deal.  I have only one hardcover to giveaway. I want to get it to someone who can greatly benefit from the advice within and will put it into practice in 2013.

All you have to do is tell me in the comments, what is one amazing thing you expect to accomplish in 2013?

That's it.  I may ask a couple of people to help me to decide and will announce the winner via blog post on January 3rd, 2013.  Cool?