3 Words for 2013 / by Chel Wolverton

Chris Gin via Compfight

A bit late putting this up as I spent most of yesterday thinking about what words fit what I wanted to achieve. The story behind #3Words is Chris Brogan inspired me and a lot of other people to set goals for the year and then define them using 3 words.  This past year, C.C. Chapman's new book Amazing Things Will Happen (I'm giving away a copy here) also gave me a plan for coming up with better 3 words. My three words for 2012 were flow, insight and commitment.

This year my three words are momentum, foundation and nourish.


Pushing myself to always be in motion to achieve the goals that I have for this year.  Making the most of my time and effort.


Creating a firm foundation for in which to explore. Work, financials, taking care of my responsibilities better.


Explore, acquire more knowledge, try new things, study more often, write, and run.  Nourishing myself both physically and mentally.

Ready to think about your 3 words?

I think it's helpful to make sure you have a realistic list of what you want to accomplish in a year, to plan it out before deciding on your three words.  It helps bring focus and clarity to the new year and sets you on a path.  Make sure you write down the list of things you want to do in 2013 somewhere that you can review it weekly, bi-weekly or on something of a regular basis to measure your progress.

Please do enter the contest for Amazing Things Will Happen.  It will help you this year and beyond.

What are your #3Words for 2013?