SHIFTing Forward / by Chel Wolverton

I hate talking about myself so I'll make this short and sweet. Next week, I'm taking the position of Senior Marketing Analyst at SHIFT Communications here in Boston. I'm hella excited to put my knowledge to use in a place that is thrilled to have me on board. This position is a great fit in terms of everything I love doing.

It's quite the move from working on my own for 5 or so years to working with an office of people. And from working with Wordpress as often. I stumbled accidentally into Wordpress development, and it's been time to move on for a while. I am looking forward to teaching what I know and learning new things while helping clients understand what's going on with their marketing efforts.

Never stop learning.

I've also put together a semester or so for myself in various classes on Coursea and iTunes U. I've always been a self-motivated learner and I've been a bit lax in that area for a while. Being a student was one of the most challenging and amazing times in my life, so it makes sense to continue learning, no?

Once I've gotten a bit further down the path I will share what my future long term goals are but for now, I'm excited for this next phase to begin.

Look for me to write more often here and on the SHIFT blog. Thanks for following along.

PS - my new logo and look wasn't intended to copy SHIFT's logo at all. I just realized while trying to upload the logo for this blog post's featured image that I inadvertantly mimicked it. I'll take that as a great sign. ;)