Looking Back, Looking Foward / by Chel Wolverton

You may have heard that 2013 is ending tonight. It's was a mixture for me. A rough start to the year with a rather nice finish. I'm thinking about what I want 2014 to be, planning my happiness project for the coming year and considering if I have 3 words to narrow that down to...or not. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to each and everyone of my friends who have watched over me and cheered me on the last few years to get to this place. I'm very fortunate to be so loved.

fireworks new year

A good reminder I want to share as we move into a new year: you will never be happy or cheerful every single moment of every single day, but you can strive everyday to do better, to reach out and help others and live your life like you won't get another chance.

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: color line via Compfight cc