Staying grounded / by Chel Wolverton

Escape velocity is a wonderful achievement, the time in life when hard works pays off and takes us to the places we want to go. Depending on how we handle the headiness of achievement, we still need ground support to make sure we keep our heads on and don't get lost in space.

Find a way to stay grounded. Think of people in your life or things that that keep you centered, give you a moment of peace, or light up your world.  Mine include running, martial arts, meditation, and killing with spells/weapons PvP-style in Warcraft. Find yours. Once we find success, we need that tether back to reality more than ever.

We need people willing to get in our faces and tell us when we're stepping over the line or start walking down the wrong path. Not a keeper, but certainly someone who is willing to stand up to us when we're absolutely begin to pay attention to the wrong shiny things. Someone who also sees our point of view and gives a little when they should.  Someone who has permission to hit you in the face as hard as they can when the time calls for it.  When the shininess overtakes common sense, the last thing we wanna want to do is get lost in space where the paths aren't clear.

Sometimes we stray a little bit, we pick up bad habits, or we just make choices that aren't good for us.  If we have someone in our lives that is willing to put a foot down and say, this is a very bad idea and here's why, we're more likely to stay on a path that gives us the rewards we're looking for eventually without costs that are too high to pay.