Must Listen List - November 2015 / by Chel Wolverton

Some of these might be familiar to you, I'm certain not all of them will be. If you've heard all of them then send me a note because I have a prize to send you.

This first video needs no introduction and if it does, then shame on you. Go listen. Words can't describe this one. JT will make the most lukewarm fan love him after this jaw-dropping performance with Chris Stapleton at the CMAs.

This one is pretty special to me. You'll feel all the emotion from this duo. The songwriting is phenomenal. Been a fan for a while, buy everything I can get my hands on. That speaks volumes. The direction and performance of this video is right up there with JT. It's that spankin' marvelous.

This is hands down my favorite cover of this song. That smoky, smoky voice. Adele nails it again to no one's surprise.

This isn't an official video but as one of the top 10 most played in my iTunes it had to make the list. Garden State scenes make it even more badass and heartbreaking and heartmending all in one.

Stars singing Barricade over Les Miz is pure gold. It's a perfect fit and the lyrics are amazing. "Oh how could anyone not want to rip it all apart?" The song's story isn't what it sounds like at all which intrigues me. I love songs where there could be a thousand meanings in every lyric.