Humanwire #GivingTuesday / by Chel Wolverton

I woke up to the best news this morning on #GivingTuesday. Haineyehya's family is fully funded to receive the donations made on her behalf. Thank you. To everyone who took a moment to read about, share, and donate to this campaign - your support is what makes things like this possible. 

Now that the campaign for Haineyehya has ended, that only means there are other families out there that can use your help. Humanwire is doing just that as rapidly as they can. While most people are just starting to hear about the refugee crisis on a regular basis, there are families  who have been living in camps before 2011 and they need our help.

Humanwire can help these families directly and you see the results in photos and videos that show you just how grateful they are that someone in this world cares. Andrew has done a phenomenal job in creating this rapidly growing charity to take on the problem.

Once the money is raised, the families as assisted in getting the goods (food, heating, etc.) that the money was raised for - receipts and other documentation provided to the donors - along with direct contact with the recipients. A valuable connection that makes a mark on each person's life.

Every time we reach out, donate, make the world a little bit better - some of us feel a loss at how to help on a large scale. The world doesn't need only large scale help. Sometimes all it takes it one family at a time. It's not an all or nothing game.

It's heart. Take one step, take another, and before you know it we can make the world shine a little bit brighter for families around the world. To yell and shout about this or that on our social profiles takes little courage - it's the steps we take to rectify the problems we see in the world that makes it a better place.

On this #GivingTuesday, please take a moment to support a family on Humanwire