Today Is Life. / by Chel Wolverton


I promised I'd restart the life of this here blog by explaining the new logo. But first, I made this restart because I realized I have a lot to say and I missed saying it in longer form than a quick social post here and there. Now that's out of the way, let's tackle why these words and why for me.

"Sometimes, the good comes when we most need it and least expect it. If we are lucky enough to notice it, set our eyes upon it and appreciate it, it can almost make us forget all of the bad. Today is life. The only life you’re sure of."

This quote stuck with me out of the finale of CSI:NY. I'm a big fan of Officer Mac Taylor and the episode is stirring, especially given the news of late with officer-involved shootings. Bypassing that messy conversation for the moment - the quote.

Set your eyes upon the good, let go of the bad, remember today is life. We won't cherish every moment or every breath. Sometimes we'll want the moments to be erased or speed on by, but each of those moments bring us closer to a finality and the experiences good and bad should be lived for what they give us in each of those tiny moments. All of it. Of life.

In those moments, I want to explore more of my thoughts and post them here for those interested to read, debate, and share. 

Let's begin.

Photo: Oriflame Mountain marks the horizon as you head north on the PCT. Photo was taken by Aaron Doss.