5 Chel Favorites / by Chel Wolverton

I felt like sharing a few things I love that I hope you will as well. 

1. The 1920s. Beautiful era. JT's Suit & Tie throws back to the 1920s the right way. Plus the moves. Directing is here is really well done. You don't expect Jay Z to rap in the middle, but it works oh so well.

2.  Jazzy love songs. It's not Etta, but damn Cyndi does a fantastic job here. Oh heck, listen to Etta's and then listen to Cyndi's. I fell in love with this song after watching two of my favorite characters get married after 9 years of show....thanks, Hart, really.

3. Union Sq. Donuts. Look if you haven't had a Maple Bacon donut at least once, you haven't lived. Oh, and Brown Butter Hazelnut and Malted Milk Chocolate. Mmmmm. ALL THE DONUTS. (You're welcome.) #cheatdaysFTW

4. Happyish. I blew through Season 1 and am obsessed. You should try it (1st epi free here). I've laughed every episode, nearly spit out my drink multiple times, and watched a porn star compare porn to corporate America. Not to mention, this so nails agency life in a shockingly accurate way (in real life it's less funny). I can't put into words how perfect this is for most of my friends to watch. Plus Bradley Whitford. (Thanks, Lauren!)

5. Rucking. If you follow me on social channels, I've been talking about this ALL WEEK LONG. Ahem, #sorrynotsorry, but if you're wondering what rucking is and have a minute, watch this. It's pretty simple and has great benefits. I can't wait to get started this weekend. :D

Share some of your favorite things below with me please. Always up for fun and new things to read/watch. Hope these make you laugh and/or smile.

xo - Chel

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