Passion and Strength / by Chel Wolverton

Those aspiring to enlightenment
are advised to hold in their hearts
the reassuring truth that
the inside of the universe is vast enough
to contain comfortably
all the paradoxes;
all the pieces of the puzzle
that we have not yet touched.

-Stephen K. Hayes

I’m passionate about a number of things. I’m also a strong person. I don’t doubt how I feel. I am thoughtful how I explain how I feel, but I don't have doubts that I feel those things and that sometimes that means action rather than inaction to change things. After leaving the dark at 1 am, I went on to a place I should have never ventured and then moved back to Boston days later. I couldn't have done that without passion and strength combined along with making the choice to act.

Some people in this world dislike when women demonstrate passion (physical or emotional). As if showing emotion dilutes their strength. It takes strength to show passion about something as a woman. The attempt to put those who are open about their passion in their place simply because "it's a man's world" is fundamentally wrong. Passion makes a difference in the world in a variety of ways and its display is inspiring.

At different stages in my life, it has been a combination of passion and strength which helped me make tough choices, to bring me back to where I needed to be, or take me where I am reluctant to go. We must be able to wield both, not just one or the other. I happily embrace my ability to wield both  to inspire myself and others while achieving the things I want. And so should you without apologies.