3 Words to 1 for 2016 / by Chel Wolverton

Bidding farewell to 2015, a year full of ups and downs. It started out rough and had an unfortunate detour in the middle, but even the detour taught me something priceless.

What I learned last year was more worth the rough patches. These past few months I've felt like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. You know, when she's trying eggs all the different ways possible to have them to finally figure out which way she actually likes the damn things without being influenced by her many fiancés view on the matter. I understand more about who I am than ever before, what makes up me, what I like and dislike, and what I want. Yes, I think some of it was propelled by that car accident. Oh, how lucky it was that it didn't turn out worse than it did. Even better, it opened the door to where I am now. 

While I feel like I've made significant headway. I feel there is a long way yet to go, more to explore. After all, it's more than just how I like my eggs that I'll need to figure out.

This year, rather than 3 words, I'm choosing just one because it is at the heart of everything else I've timelined out with Jennifer's help this year (if you need some guidance on where to get started, talk to her now). I've been planning for the next 6 months over the course of November and December so it's perfect timing and planning to roll into 2016 and execute.

My Word for 2016


In every aspect of my life I need a constant reminder that I only have the limits that I impose on myself. I can come up with many other words, but understanding and embracing who I am and making the plans to fulfill what I'd like to do with the knowledge is what comes next. To do that, I need to stop imposing limits on myself or letting Evil Taylor Swift (imagine the opposite of the real Taylor Swift, not sweet, not positive) do it to me inside my head.

Here's to being limitless. May you breach your own limits and find happiness on the other side. Happy New Year, loves.

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