Must Listen Music - February 2016 / by Chel Wolverton

Sit back, get your headphones on and take a few minutes to chill to these amazing artists. Like? Have music to share? Hit me up via Twitter, Facebook or IG.

First up, we've got Lukas Graham. This one comes from the fabulous DJ Joe Bermudez and is KILLER. Let's talk about the vibes - bittersweet, upbeat, and nostalgic, Lukas writes about his version of growing up in a way everyone notwithstanding their age can relate. This is on repeat in my ears as I write this post. ALL THE FEELS.

The Wind and The Wave continues our journey of bittersweet feels with their cover of Snow Patrols' Chasing Cars. I love Snow Patrol, but here their voices are gold and makes this cover evoke the daydream of laying in bed with someone you love on a warm spring day windows open in the middle of nowhere with the world rushing by.

I'm not normally an Idol viewer, but during my trip to Cali I watched with friends and was introduced to the amazing talent that pours from Thomas Stringfellow. The only viable clip I have of him is his American Idol audition but mannnnn, his voice and style made him my instant favorite. Skip to 1:00 or so into this video to get to the good part. I hope that win or lose he finds a way to keep making music for our enjoyment.  

Enjoy? Or know someone who should be be featured here? Let me know in the comments. More music makes my world go round as hopefully these songs do for yours.

xo - Chel