Something You Don't Know Photography Show at Coffee and Cotton / by Chel Wolverton

A few short months ago I saw a call for artists at my favorite coffee shop in town - a handful of emails later and I felt lucky to get a slot for February to display my photography.

If you asked me as a teenager about my dream job, I had a list of ideas. One that beckoned to me throughout my life was photography - specifically photojournalism. 

My love was rediscovered, as you may know, through a project called #nocolorvember. My friend, Justin Kownacki brought the project to my attention and I dove in with my iPhone and a commitment to shooting a single photo in black and white for the month of November in 2015. That led to the purchase of my long-dead Samsung NX500 (I miss her) and then evolving over to the Fujifilm XT-2, though I've used a variety of cameras in the interim including the iPhone 7 Plus which is AMAZING. 

At its core, the challenge called me back to my childhood dreams and over a year later, I've learned a lot about myself, about shooting, and where I am happiest in the world - behind the lens. I owe Justin lifetimes of gratitude for this.

The following photos are the ones on display at Coffee and Cotton for the month. To see the full gallery with titles and more, click here.

In brief, Something You Don't Know is a title borrowed from a Black Lab song of the same name (thank you, Paul). In each photograph, you can tease out a story using your imagination. There's something you don't know about each story behind each photograph, but it doesn't matter - that is part of the beauty of urban and street photography. I have my own version of the stories, but I bet you look and can make up your own. 

Enjoy where your imagination takes you, share those stories with me if you please, expand your mind beyond your current reality, and know that in places around the world beauty is waiting for you.

Each photo is available for purchase in a variety of sizes, framed, canvas, etc. - email me if you can't find what you're looking for.

how description: Chel Wolverton uses her ever-present camera to capture moments that might otherwise go unseen -- but which morph into rich, resonant stories when framed by her lens. Whether her subject is a bird on a wire or faded graffiti or the flash of running legs in headlights, Chel stops time long enough for us to recognize beauty in the ordinary, or feel peace in the midst of chaos. This series of work, "Something You Don't Know" (also a Black Lab song), hints at the stories untold in each piece of work. Now based in Lowell, she loves to travel -- across the world or down the street --  to hone her craft and find inspiration.