Just Another Dark Tower Movie Review / by Chel Wolverton

I don't want to spoil The Dark Tower movie for anyone so if you haven't seen it don't keep reading past this point.

Remain unsullied and click away.

The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger....jumped through a portal to NYC to catch him?

I went in thinking we were going to get something very specific. If it wasn't the books then...what? 

I assumed it would be a sequel in a way that continued the story after Roland reaches the Dark Tower and thus a continuation of the books. The events repeating themselves just enough that it's the story in the books slightly tweaked. And you don't know until you know as a fan that it's not the same story as the books.

Yeah, sure character development would need to be different because "walking across the desert doesn't make for a good movie". The characters here look and sound as if they have the same name as characters in the book and that's it.

What I saw last night? I couldn't have even remotely guessed that's what I was going to come out of a Dark Tower movie. It may have been sci-fi dystopian themed, but that should NOT be associated with the series I know and love. 

It was more like really very bad fan fiction than something adapted from the series. A strange world that I didn't recognize that stole lines from a book series near and dear to me. 

I spent the first five minutes of the film angry for being what it was and then I just caved and watched what it is. I never want to see it again.