I'm a full-service marketer/project manager/photographer. I haven't created a traditional services page because I like to work on projects that are interesting, wheter they are marketing projects or photography projects. I even like talking to others about THEIR projects for fun.

Here are some of the areas which I can assist you with:

  • As a Google Analytics Certified Professional, I love helping clients and companies understand analytics data. To say that I love digging into data and solving problems is an understatement.
  • I can help your company understand the data and then develop marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.
    • For the past 11 years, I’ve worked with companies of varying sizes - from individual business owners to Fortune 500s - helping each find their way through a plethora of data as a path to marketing and data-driven solutions
  • I have a wealth of knowledge in the areas of of analytics, marketing technology, and social media - coordinating these like Joshua Lyman only with marketing instead of politics. Need help with your marketing infrastructure? You've come to the right place.
  • I've created and taught an entire internal marketing training course, the SHIFT Marketing Immersion Program, to boot. If you or your team need a training program to make them smarter at analytics, talk to me.
  • Responsible for research and development of content for SHIFT Communications, where the approach was creating content based on primary market research. I love creating original content that serves the marketing and communications needs for a variety of companies B2C and B2B.
  • I'm well versed in webinar and teleconference production; I've helped run many successful SHIFT webinars and the content marketing programs before and after the event. If you need someone to wrangle your webinar management, I can help you. (I can help you manage and organize events, too, as the former Director of Operations of Podcamp Boston.)

Some additional areas of expertise include:


I love using photography to tell a story. From people to places and on the street, a photographer can only capture one moment at a time and if they do it well, they capture the *right* moment at the *right* time. Documentary photography is as close as I can come to what I love most. Capturing moments that tell a story. Let me tell yours.

social media and content strategies

Unsure of the best place to start conversing with your customers? Need to understand how content strategies can help you achieve your marketing goals? I can help you determine the best social and content strategies that fit YOUR business, not a plan that's simply updated for every client, but a true look at your marketing goals and how content and social experiences should map back to and serve those goals.

event management

Short version: For years 4-6 I was lead organizer and director of operations for Podcamp Boston, bringing 1200+ people together for an event that continually surpassed expectations while teaching those new to digital media just what it’s all about.

I worked with the best team of volunteer organizers in the Boston area and an amazing community to bring together some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people from the new media/social media/podcasting space to learn and share over the two day conference.

The most rewarding experience is to see a community of people come together under a place and with an opportunity you've worked hard to pull together.

content marketing and research

Content creation takes a lot of time for small businesses struggling to service their clients/customers. Over the past 3 years, I've handled primary research and then translated those findings into content marketing that stands on it's own. Whatever your content marketing needs I can help with researching topics, writing blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks and more.

Analytics training

Does your  marketing team need help getting up to speed on marketing analytics? Do you have tons of data but no one really knows where to start? We can create training programs that makes your team smarter and ask the right questions when confronted with data and analytics.

business intelligence analysis

Using our Inductive Reasoning Framework, we provide root analysis, problem solving, forecasting (industry, competitive, company growth) and market research. After we do our thing, then we work with you to do a process audit of your company, with recommendations on how to meet the challenges and changes on your path.  We'll touch on the tools and technology, create processes and workflows, educate you and your company on how to implement and use the system and/or implement it for you.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst and Research

Want to learn more about your competitors?  Do you need some information but don't have the time to dig through sources to find the good stuff?  I do research to find what your competitors are planning as their next moves, so you can prepare to respond in kind or up your game to take over their market in specific areas. My methods go beyond data mining and analyze what I find to recommend the best strategy to counteract the competitor's move.

Digital Project Management

Do you often find yourself with too much to do and not enough brain space to keep track of the deadlines?  Can you delegate pieces of projects to save yourself time?  Want to spend your time working on the stuff you're good at instead of stuff that feels like it's getting in your way?  I can help keep you on track and take on the parts of your project that seem cumbersome to you.

Legal services

Need a quick waiver or just a simple articles of corporation/organization drawn up? As a former legal assistant, I have experience writing legal briefs and doing legal research on legal databases, such as Lexis Nexis. My work is overseen by an attorney as per regulations.